Waxmaid 4 Daimon Silicone Handpipe

The pipe is easy to use, simply load the bowl with your dry herb or tobacco mix, fire it up and inhale through the narrowing mouthpiece. The perforated glass herb bowl offers an even burn and can hold a good amount of material. The pipe also features a carb hole on the end of the bowl that enables you to control air intake for a more tailored smoking experience.
The affordable pipe is perfect for parties and festivals and is ideal for active smokers who enjoy hassle-free hits on the go. The pipe can be slipped into a pocket or purse for safe and easy transport and is available to order in a selection of fun colors: Rasta, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, GID Green, Black and Red, Pink Cream, Blue with White and Green, Translucent Orange. Please select the color of choice from the available options when placing your order.