G9 Greenlightvapes - Pelic Enail

G9 introduces our newest version of the PELIC Enail.  Each "banger box" is highly durable and is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.  You can safely transport your favorite glass pipe, bong, or dab rig and immediately enjoy the industry's cleanest way to dab with our built-in G9 Enail.  The LED temperature display keeps highly accuracy and can be programmed to the specific temperature of your choosing. You can adjust your temperature to achieve the most asatisfying results depending on what you are using:rosin,bho,pho or any other cannabis concentrates.Photo shows full kit, including 4-in-1 GR2 Titanium Nail, Carb Cap and 16mm standard heater coil.  Please inquire about our other heater and nail options.  Our kevlar coils do not irritate the skin like other cheap versions, so you can always rely on G9 for the highest quality, safest materials.