When the standard dry herb vape isn’t enough. When taste has to be perfect every time. When you want the smoothest vapor. The only choice is the XVape Fog dry herb vaporizer. With an internal convection cab, five temperature settings, instant heat-up time, quick release removable battery pack, and a hinge-flip top for easy vaping, the Fog dry herb vaporizer offers a the highest class experience.

The XVape Fog convection vaporizer offers the purest vaping you will find at any price point.

No single vaporizer feature is more important than its heating technology. Inefficient heating techniques, or improper exposure of dry herb to heat source, will always offer a poor vaping experience. XVape has solved those problems with its Fog dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. Featuring the finest of convection vape technology, the Fog offers an even thermal which maintains the integrity of its contents and preserving their flavor.


  • True convection technology
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Zirconian Jewelry-grade ceramic mouthpiece
  • Durable and Sleek Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Hinge-flip top for easy access
  • Less than 10 second heat-up time
  • Temperature Range (356°F – 428°F)
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery with Micro USB Charger
  • Includes concentrate pad for 2-in-1 us