Spider-Dab, Spider-Dab, smokes whatever a spider has. Can he help you get the best dab? Yeah he can, cuz he's a carb cap. The Spidey Carb Cap features your favorite arachnid action hero. The bright coloring means that you won't easily misplace or lose this cap. He's made out of high quality borosilicate glass, so it'll last a long time no matter how hot you get your banger. Spidey's big head acts as a convenient handle so you can get a good grip on this carb cap while you dab

🕷️ SPIDEY SENSES - Comic Inspired Design

🕷️ GRIPPABLE - Head acts as Handle

🕷️ HIGH QUALITY - Heat-Safe Borosilicate Glass

🕷️ BRIGHT COLORED - Hard to Lose