Smok - Alternative Series Micare Cartridge Device

Smok Micare Cartridge Device features pre-heat control, 700mAh battery and a adjustable voltage. The device is designed for users that enjoy distillate cartridges. This compact and portable device features voltage based output and can be changed by a single tactile button. With an added vibrating system users can easily be notified when the device receives a new cartridge.

The Micare is a well built device composed of a zinc alloy, making this device sturdy and easily transportable. Elegant resin and honeycomb panels add a touch of color. Users can easily operate this device by simply manipulating a single button interface. A single tactile button for firing allowing users to select their preferred settings. This button also allows for activating the pre-heat capabilities by quickly pressing the button twice. The pre-heat cycle will last for 10 seconds, warning the cartridge to perfection. This device features a built in 700mAh battery that can be charged via Micro USB port located at the bottom of the Micare. Battery life is indicated with an LED light that will show users their battery life and voltage output. The Micare is compatible with a multitude of cartridges and features two gold plated adapters for users to get a nice snug fit. With all of these great features pack snugly into one portable package this device is an enjoyable dream! Perfect for users who want to wind down on the go.