The Puffco Plus is a portable vape pen that acts just like a ceramic nail for those who like big hits without any of the inconveniences. Puffco have a reputation for advancing vape technology to remove any obstructions or contaminants that might affect vapor quality and the Plus is no exception.
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Coil-free Chamber
  • Loading Dart
  • Plated Brass Exterior
  • Sesh Mode
  • Ultra Fast Heat Time

Free From Contaminants

While they initially removed glues, fibers, and plastics from their devices the Pro takes this one step further by featuring a coil-free ceramic chamber. This change ensures more even heating and more importantly an exceptional taste. The design is kept to an absolute bare minimum too, being composed of just three parts: a mouthpiece, chamber, and battery.

Dart Loader For Portable Use

The mouthpiece doubles as a handle for the ceramic dart loading tool inside. This makes packing your concentrates easy, especially when on-the-go. True to its heritage, this portable pocket nail dispenses a complete dose at all once for a hard hitting experience that easily beats out most conventional portables.

Ceramic Coil-less Chamber

The all ceramic conduction chamber draws air through the dart which adds an element of convection heating to the mix. And because there’s no coil inside the chamber your material will heat evenly with less burnt flavor. The chamber needs to be replaced every three months or so. A plated brass exterior gives the Puffco Plus a luxurious glossy look that’s enhanced by the minimalist design. The Plus lights up depending on the temperature set with three different colors:

  • Green - 580
  • Blue - 650
  • White - 720

The 520mAh battery is good for up to 50 hits, this depends on the temperature setting, however. Even if you run out, the super fast charger will get it back to 100% capacity in only 35 minutes so keep an adapter handy if you’re out and about. The charger will light red when charging, green when it’s finished.