Oilax - Cito Pro 400mAh Cartridge Battery With Concentrate Tank - Assorted Colors

The Cito Pro is a convenient and easy-to-carry device for vaping liquids and waxy products. Compatible with pre-filled and refillable cartridges, it is equipped with a magnetic adapter. Cito Pro has a variable voltage battery, offering you 4 optimized voltage settings and it is made perfect with its pre-heat function to ensure you have an ideal vaping experience. Cartridges are not included.

Main Features :

  • Thick Oil - Use for thick oil with pure taste
  • Magnetic Joint - User-friendly design, quick connect with cartridges, vaping on-the-go
  • Portable - Fits in the palm of your hand or easily in pocket
  • Micro USB - Smart charging with a stylish and sleek design