Ooze - Ceramic Mug Pipe - Toxic Waste Barrel 14oz

Start your day the Ooze way! The Toxic Waste Barrel Mug Pipe makes your daily wake and bake session as easy as possible. Pour your hot cup of sludge (coffee), pack the bowl near the base, and enjoy your morning. This mug is shaped like a bright yellow barrel of hazardous waste, with classic green slime oozing over the brim.  

Ooze Mug Pipes are ceramic pieces that bring your herb and favorite beverage together, while still keeping them separate. The bowl rests at the base, and the smoke travels up the hollow handle to the small mouthpiece up top. Easy to clean; simply run your mug through the dishwasher and take a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to the bowl if there is any resin build-up still stuck on. 


  • 14 Oz
  • Ceramic
  • Fully Functional Pipe & Mouthpiece