Blazer Big Shot Compact Dabstation With Timer

The Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 is the world's most revered portable butane torch for it's flame strength, consistency, craftsmanship, efficiency, and the overall quality feel of the product in your hand.
Now dabberbox is providing replacement stands for the beloved torch, since noticing the sheer amount of missing stock stands among the community!

The days of using your phone as a timer, or having to find another way to track your quartz banger's cool down are over with our included built in timer!
The Dabberbox Blazer Big Shot Dabstation is the hybrid culmination of providing everything you need for you sesh area to ensure clutter-free organization, as well as somewhere to set your blazer to make sure it wont ever fall again!

Built in:


  • Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 Stand
  • Adjustable Digital Timer
  • Dabber Holder Rack
  • Q-Tip Holding Area
  • Carb Cap Resting Tray