Airis - Dabble Glass water pipe Compatible

There's nothing comparable to the innovative Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Vape, making it a must have on any stoner's wish list. This specialized vape pen has an ingenious design that allows users to smoke product directly from the vaporizer or attach it to a rig to create a powerful e-rig in seconds. While the wax vape pen itself has a 14mm male joint, this complete kit comes with a silicone adapter that makes it compatible with 19mm pre-rolls as well, so no rig is off limits. The vape is made from metal and comes in matte black or iridescent rainbow. It features a quick-heating quartz chamber and a mouthpiece and joint crafted from heat-resistant glass. With just a single button and very few parts, the vaporizer is simple to use and even easier to clean.